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Q: How do I arrange a lesson?
A: To arrange a lesson, call or email Katherine at 603-674-4885  We have a variety of times available.  

A: Lessons cost $45 per session; an average lesson is 30 minutes of riding time.  Riders will be taught to groom, tack up and put away their horses before and after riding.  Longer sessions are available as ability and need warrants.  Corresponding fees are higher.  Group rates for two or more people are also available.  If traveling to your farm, an additional fee may be necessary depending on the length of travel required.  Training rides are $35 per ride, but may also require an additional fee for travel depending on the distance.  Please inquire if you have questions for your particular situation!

A: Riders are required to wear a boot or heavy shoe with a distinct HEEL (no tennis shoes!).  This is for safety.  Riders must also wear certified riding helmets.  We have several that can be borrowed, but if you ride regularly, you are encouraged to buy your own to ensure the best fit.  For greatest comfort, snug fitting pants are recommended and a shirt with sleeves that allows you to move your arms freely.  Breeches and half chaps or tall boots are often the most comfortable, but as long as your legs are happy, we are happy!